New York City Climate Law Tracker

The New York City Climate Law Tracker monitors New York City's progress in implementing the Climate Mobilization Act, a suite of local laws that were enacted in 2019. The most prominent of these is Local Law 97, which places limits on the amount of greenhouse gases that large buildings may emit.

Actions can be sorted by deadline or responsible entity, and readers may use the keyword filter to search for actions based on subject matter, statute, or whether an action is overdue. Overdue actions will also be highlighted in red. The tracker provides links to relevant abbreviations and definitions, a list of officials who are responsible for implementing New York's climate laws, and related resources such as blog posts and articles.

Readers may download the tracker's data as a spreadsheet by clicking "Download CVS." Please note that in Excel, § will appear as "§" due to a glitch in the program.

Readers may also be interested in the accompanying New York State Climate Law Tracker.

Please email Hillary Aidun ( with questions, additions, corrections or other feedback. The Sabin Center is grateful to Isabelle Cojocaru-Durand, Elijah Turner, and Sasha Weber for their contributions to the tracker.

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