Research and report on impact of LL92 § 1 on housing affordability and financial viability

Section 1 of Local Law 92 requires buildings to install solar panels and/or green roofing (plants and vegetation) on commercial and residential building roofs. Section 2 requires the HPD to research the impact of the Section 1 requirement on the affordability and financial viability of housing. The report is to focus specifically on buildings with income-based rent control policies, buildings subject to alternative enforcement under a different part of the city's administrative code, and buildings owned by HPD itself.

Statutory Language:

LL92 § 1: "A contiguous area of a sustainable roofing zone measuring less than 200 square feet (18.5 m2), or in the case of a building five stories or less in height where the main use or dominant occupancy is classified as Group R, such an area measuring less than 100 square feet (9.20 m2), shall be equipped with at least a solar photovoltaic electricity generating system if such system would accommodate at least 4kW of solar photovoltaic electricity generating capacity, as determined by the department."