Deliver Grid Reliability and Resiliency Report

Statutory Language:

§ 5. a. The office of long-term planning and sustainability, in consultation with other relevant agencies or offices of the city and with experts in the operation of electric grids, shall conduct a study regarding the reliability and resiliency of the city’s electrical distribution grid, and transmission lines into the city, in relation to the anticipated use of such grid and lines for the implementation of this local law. Such study may reference, or draw from, data collected during, or the results of, prior studies. Such study shall include, but need not be limited to, evaluations of:

1. The current and projected 2030 load on the electrical grid for both winter and summer, including (i) an identification of factors that may affect demand; (ii) specific recommendations regarding the capacity that could be added to the current energy supply to meet such projected demand after consideration of such factors; and (iii) actions the city could take in connection with such recommendations;

2. Projected 2030 transmission electricity flows into zone J of the NYISO electrical grid;

3. Projected 2030 load on the electrical grid due to anticipated electrification;

4. Opportunities to incentivize flexible loads to support grid resiliency and reliability; and

5. Recommendations for improved infrastructure coordination and planning to support electrification.

b. No later than June 1, 2023, the office of long-term planning and sustainability shall submit to the mayor and the speaker of the council, and make publicly available online, a report detailing the findings of the study conducted pursuant to this section