Archived Materials

Adaptation Resources

The Sabin Center has compiled this database of legal resources for adaptation, which includes information about specific legal provisions that could be interpreted as requiring consideration of climate-related risks, articles discussing the nature of legal obligations to adapt, and resources to facilitate adaptation planning efforts undertaken by government and private actors. This database is intended as a complement to our Handbook of Adaptation Advocacy Strategies.

Arctic Governance Resources

Governance in the Arctic is a complicated issue, requiring balance of numerous stakeholders and interests.  This webpage draws together primary and secondary sources necessary to consider how we will manage and adapt to climate change in the Arctic.

Bar Association Collaborative

Building on the work done at the June 2016 Bar Association Leaders Climate Change Summit, the Bar Associations Collaborative shares climate change-related resources and contacts for bar associations and their members. It is updated on an ad hoc basis, as the Sabin Center receives or identifies new information of interest to the group.

Climate Change Litigation Updates Archive

We maintain the archive of monthly updates to our climate change litigation databases since November 2016.

Climate Law Bibliography

This large list of references organizes scholarship related to climate change-related law and policy. It was last updated in 2014.

Energy Facility Litigation Database

The Sabin Center created an energy facility litigation database that contains a list of energy facility litigation spanning the years 2005 through 2011. It is organized according to energy facility type (e.g., coal, nuclear, natural gas, etc.). Within each energy facility type worksheet, the citation, jurisdiction, court, date, and facility location are identified for each listed case. Cases may be sorted on the basis of any of these criteria. The database permits a variety of search permutations.

Model Laws and Protocols

The Sabin Center has also developed model laws and protocols, including: (1) model municipal ordinances for wind, solar, and green building;  (2) model protocols on how to account for the effects of climate change in environmental impact statements and other planning documents; and (3) a list of local law provisions for climate change adaptation.

Municipal Green Building Law Database

As a complement to our model ordinances project, the Sabin Center has compiled several databases of municipal green building laws. These include: nationwide database of municipal green building laws applying to public buildings and private buildings, a New York State database of municipal green building, alternative energy, and energy efficiency laws, and a nationwide database of local green building incentives.

State and Local Climate Change Resource Center

In the absence of Congressional action on climate change, state and municipal governments across the country have taken action, adopting laws and policies on climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.  A number of sources do an excellent job in tracking these numerous state and local actions; this page links to what we have found to be some of the most useful databases.

State Attorneys General Environmental Actions

The Sabin Center has partnered with to develop a database of environmental actions undertaken by state attorneys general as they seek to advance environmental law and policy objectives within their jurisdictions.

U.S. Climate Legislation Tracker

The Climate Legislation Tracker project tracks federal legislation related to climate change.  As presented here, it is current through July 2011.  Given the limited current prospects for major federal climate legislation, we are focusing our efforts on tracking relevant regulations and progress on Obama’s climate agenda.

U.S.- India Clean Energy Investment project

SCCCL’s Clean Energy Investment-India project took place from 2010 through 2012.  The purpose of the project was to facilitate U.S. investments in clean energy projects in India, an estimated $1.1 trillion market. Toward this aim, the project developed contracts drafted in consultation with leading U.S. and Indian attorneys and experts. The Sujana Group generously provided financial support for this project.