Op-ed Articles

Annual Survey of SEQRA Cases: Bad for Plaintiffs, But Important Bill Pending by Michael B. Gerrard and Edward McTiernan, New York Law Journal, July 13, 2022

Op-Ed: States and the EPA can still regulate greenhouse gases, despite the Supreme Court's ruling, The Los Angeles Times, July 7, 2022

Electricity operators must wake up to climate change -- or brace for summer outages, op-ed by Romany Webb, May 19, 2022

Biden's climate promises require oil and gas leasing reform, op-ed by Romany Webb, The Hill, February 3, 2022

​​The Biden administration's first year: Slow and steady does not win this race, op-ed by Lauren Kurtz and Romany Webb, The Hill, January 20, 2022

Using the Oceans to Store C02 Could Help Avoid Climate Catastrophe, article by Romany Webb and Michael B. Gerrard, Bloomberg Law, December 30, 2021

Next-generation regulation: Powering our country without turning up the heat, op-ed by Jennifer Danis, The Hill, December 16, 2021 

Taking Climate Change to the World Court, article by Michael B. Gerrard, Bloomberg Law, October 25, 2021 

Killer Heat Waves Warrant FEMA Action Under New Authority, op-ed by Michael B. Gerrard, Bloomberg Law, July 23, 2021 

Without planning, climate change will bring more Texas-style blackouts, op-ed by Romany Webb and Michael Panfil, The Hill, February 23, 2021