Department of Transportation

Policy Statement On Climate Change Adaptation (2011)

This document establishes a DOT policy to incorporate climate adaptation strategies into its transportation missions, programs, and operations. It recognizes that planning for climate adaptation assists State and local transportation agencies, and DOT, to identify how climate change is likely to impact their ability to achieve their mission, continue operations, and to meet policy and program objectives. Therefore, DOT agencies will develop, prioritize, implement, and evaluate actions to moderate climate risks and protect critical infrastructure using the best available science and information.

Climate Adaptation Plan (2012/2014)

The DOT Climate Adaptation Plan, first published in 2012 and revised in 2014, describes steps DOT will take to move towards fully integrating considerations of climate change adaptation and resiliency into DOT policies, programs, and operations. The latest plan has been revised to include the new requirements of E.O. 13653 and guidance from CEQ.