Impacts of Renewable Energy Facilities

In order to achieve the greenhouse gas reductions needed to sustain a livable climate, we must scale up renewable energy capacity at a rapid pace. Wind and solar energy facilities emit no air pollution and have minimal environmental effects as compared to fossil fuel plants, but like all types of development, renewable energy projects do have impacts. However, misinformation sometimes leads those impacts to be misunderstood or exaggerated.

The Sabin Center created this resource bank to provide evidence-based and credible information about the impacts of wind and solar energy facilities so that advocates, residents of communities that host renewable energy projects, and other members of the public can reach informed opinions about renewable energy. The resource bank contains peer-reviewed scientific articles and reports published by governmental agencies and trade organizations.

Please contact Jacob Elkin at with questions or suggestions. The Sabin Center is grateful to Naomi Zimmermann and Radhika Goyal for their work on the resource bank. 

Solar Facilities

Wind Facilities