Update criteria for siting industrial hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

Statutory Language: 

CRRA § 4 adds ECL § 27-1103(2)(I): “Paragraphs g and h of subdivision 2 of section 27-1103 of the environmental conservation law, as amended by chapter 618 of the laws of 1987, are amended  and a new paragraph i is added to read as follows:
g. The impact on the municipality where the facility is to be cited in terms of health, safety, cost and  consistency  with  local  planning, zoning or land use laws and ordinances, [and]
h. The nature of the probable environmental impact, including specification of the predictable adverse effects on the natural environment and ecology, public health and safety, scenic, historic, cultural and recreational value, water  and  air  quality, wildlife and an evaluation of measures to mitigate adverse effects[.], and
i. The future physical climate risk due to  sea  level  rise,  and/or storm  surges  and/or  flooding,  based on available data predicting the likelihood of future extreme weather events, including hazard risk analysis data if applicable."