As part of several ongoing projects, Sabin Center has sent representatives to many of the recent UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties. Our first-hand accounts of those negotiations are available below.

We also work with the Legal Response Initiative to provide assistance to least developed countries during the negotiations.


"Mike G at COP"
  • Climate Law and Governance Day event (2016)
  • Roundtable on the Role of Climate Litigation in the Post-Paris World at COP22 Side Event (2016)
  • What role can NHRIs play in monitoring the implementation of sustainable development goals and commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change? November 6th 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco. Appearance by Michael Burger
  • Michael Gerrard talks in Paris (December 2015)
    • International Symposium on Ethics, Science, Law — Protecting Atmosphere and Biosphere, at Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle
    • Quest for Global Sustainability: Climate Change, Science and Law, sponsored by UNESCO and Global Justice Programme at Yale University 
    • Climate Change Related Disputes: A Role for International Arbitration and ADR, sponsored by Permanent Court of Arbitration and International Bar Association
    • Program on the Oslo Principles, held at UNESCO headquarters
    • What Exxon Knew, And What It Did Anyway, sponsored by Center for International Environmental law and Pawa Law Group

The Sabin Center engages with the UNFCCC secretariat and parties to ensure that human rights are adequately accounted for in international agreements and implementing actions.

  • We worked with UNEP to submit a report on Climate Change and Human Rights to the UNFCCC in advance of COP 21 in Paris.
  • More recently, we submitted a letter to the UNFCCC secretariat requesting that human rights safeguards be incorporated into the Sustainable Development Mechanism created under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.