Trump Issues Order Aimed at Expediting Approvals of Energy Infrastructure

President Trump issued an Executive Order on Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth which is aimed at expediting the approval of energy infrastructure, including but not limited to oil and gas pipelines. Some key provisions include:

  • A directive to EPA to review a section of the Clean Water Act that requires applicants seeking federal permits for energy infrastructure for projects that might pollute protected waters to get certification from any states where potential contamination could happen
  •  A directive to the DOT to update its safety regulations to allow for the transport of liquefied natural gas in approved railroad tank cars
  • A directive to the Secretary of Labor to investigate whether there are “discernible trends” in energy investments by retirement plans subject to ERISA

This is one of two Executive Orders issued today to expedite energy infrastructure approvals. The other is an Executive Order on the Issuance of Permits with Respect to Facilities and Land Transportation Crossings at the International Boundaries of the United States.