Senate Rejects CRA Resolution to Repeal Methane Waste Rule

The Senate voted against a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution (S.J. Res 11) to repeal the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)’s methane waste prevention rule using the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The CRA allows the House and Senate to nullify any recently finalized federal regulation by a simple majority vote in both chambers (subject to presidential approval).

The resolution failed to pass by a narrow margin of 49-51, with Republican Senators Susan Collins (Maine), John McCain (Arizona) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) voting along with Democrats to keep the rule.

Thursday (March 11) is the last day the Senate can take action on the rule, which the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) finalized in November 2016. The U.S. House of Representatives already voted to repeal the rule.