Scientific Findings of Environment Agency Questioned by Ohio Governor

Date: May 11th, 2018

Agency: OH, State

Explanation: Bias and Misrepresentation

Scientist: Other

In an interview in May 11, 2018, Ohio Governor John Kasich appeared to question the accuracy of scientific data showing poor water quality in Lake Erie. In March 2018, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would declare the open waters of western Lake Erie “impaired” under the Clean Water Act, after reviewing new data on toxic algae blooms in the lake. Following the announcement, in May 2018, Governor Kasich told reporters that he does not believe the lake should be designed as impaired. He said: “[y]ou just don’t go around saying something’s impaired if it’s not.”

UpdateOn May 15, 2018, Governor Kasich expressed concern that his statements may have been taken out of context. He sought to clarify that he believes part, but not all, of Lake Erie is impaired. He said:

“There are parts that we’ve declared impaired in the western basin. But in the middle of the lake, we don’t think so. And I’m not going to go around and say that all of Lake Erie is impaired.”