Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Questioned by President Trump

Date: November 4th, 2018

Agency: Federal, White House

Explanation: Bias and Misrepresentation

Scientist: Climate

In a television interview aired on November 4, 2018, President Trump erroneously suggested that scientists disagree on the causes of climate change. When asked about the National Climate Assessment, which found that human activities are the “dominant cause” of climate change, President Trump asserted:

“I can also give you reports where people very much dispute that. You know, you do have scientists that very much dispute it.”

In fact, however, the overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that human activities are the primary cause of climate change. President Trump indicated that he doesn’t “necessarily agree” with that view, stating:

“We do have an impact, but I don’t believe the impact is nearly what some scientists say, and other scientists dispute that dispute those findings very strongly.”

He also suggested that climate change will resolve itself, stating:

“Is there climate change? Yeah. Will it . . . change back? Probably, that’s what I think.”

This claim is contradicted by numerous scientific studies, finding that global temperatures will continue to increase, unless greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced.