Require energy audits and reporting

After the enactment of any necessary legislation, require energy audits of large residential and commercial properties at least once every ten years, as well as filing of an audit report with NYSERDA

Page 191: "Require multifamily and commercial properties larger than 25,000 sq. ft. to undertake a comprehensive building energy assessment (audit), to be conducted by appropriately trained workers, at least once every 10 years that evaluates the building’s systems and identifies opportunities to invest in energy efficiency upgrades, electrification or electrification- readiness for building systems, and climate risk with resilience measures. Filing an assessment report with NYSERDA would be required on a cycle established by the State or at the time that a building permit is needed for specified work that must conform to Code, whichever comes first. NYSERDA should lead implementation, in close coordination with DOS and local code officials for development and enforcement."