Require that any municipality receiving state assistance for the development of local waterfront revitalization to demonstrate that future climate risk has been considered.

Statutory Language: 

CRRA § 10: “Subdivisions 1 and 5 of section 54-1101 of  the  environmental conservation  law,  as  amended  by chapter 309 of the laws of 1996, are amended to read as follows:

1. The secretary is authorized to provide on a  competitive  basis, within amounts appropriated, state assistance payments to municipalities toward  the cost of any local waterfront revitalization program, including planning projects to mitigate future physical climate risks. Eligible costs include planning, studies, preparation of  local  laws, and construction projects.

5. The secretary shall impose such contractual requirements and conditions  upon  any  municipality  which receives state assistance payments pursuant to this article as may be necessary and appropriate  to  ensure that  a  public  benefit  shall accrue from the use of such funds by the municipality including but not limited to, a demonstration  that  future physical  climate risk due to sea level rise, and/or storm surges and/or flooding, based on available data predicting the  likelihood  of  future extreme  weather events, including hazard risk analysis data if applicable, has been considered."