Provide Enhanced ZEV Purchase Initiatives

Establish a "feebate" program offering rebates for the purchase of new zero-emissions vehicle, supported by a fee imposed on the purchase of fossil fuel vehicles.

Page 156: "New York should enact legislation to establish a “feebate” program that would offer direct rebates for ZEV purchases supported by imposing a fee on purchases of fossil fuel vehicles. The fee and rebate levels should be dynamic in response to market conditions and ambition levels. Such a program can be designed to be revenue-neutral and can incorporate other policy goals, such as higher rebates for LMI customers and exemptions from the fee for lower-priced vehicles purchased largely by LMI consumers. Feebates should be applied to new car sales, but there should be an additional rebate for used ZEVs targeted toward LMI customers, which could be paired with affordable financing options. Although each integration analysis scenario under consideration relies heavily on LDV electrification, the scenario that relies more heavily on expedited electrification will require the establishment of additional incentives to retire internal combustion vehicles early."