Promulgate rules and regulations establishing standards for new and existing petroleum bulk storage facilities that account for climate risk.

Statutory Language: 

CRRA § 9: “Subdivision 1 of section 17-1015 of the environmental conservation law, as amended by chapter 334 of the laws of 2008, is amended to read as follows:

1. The department shall, pursuant to section 17-0303 of this article, promulgate rules and regulations establishing standards for existing and new petroleum bulk storage facilities which shall include, but not be limited  to,  design, equipment requirements, construction, installation and maintenance. In proposing, preparing and compiling such  rules  and regulations,  the  department  shall include consideration of the future physical climate risk due to sea level rise, and/or storm surges  and/or flooding,  based  on  available data predicting the likelihood of future extreme weather events, including hazard risk analysis data if  applicable.  The department shall consult with the state petroleum bulk storage code advisory council in proposing, preparing and compiling such rules and  regulations. In addition, the department shall consult with the state fire prevention and building code  council  to  assure  that  such rules  and  regulations  are consistent with the uniform fire prevention and building code."