Promulgate regulations to achieve GHG limits.

The CLCPA authorizes New York State agencies to asses, implement strategies, and promulgate greenhouse reduction regulations.

Statutory Language:

CLCPA §8: "Authorization for other state agencies to promulgate greenhouse gas emissions regulations.

1. The public service commission, the New York state energy research and development authority, the department of health, the department of transportation, the department of state, the department of economic development, the department of agriculture and markets, the department of financial services, the office of general services, the division of housing and community renewal, the public utility authorities established pursuant to titles 1, 1-A, 1-B, 11, 9 11-A, 11-B, 11-C and 11-D of article 5 of the public authorities law and any other state agency shall promulgate regulations to contribute to achieving the statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits established in article 75 of the environmental conservation law. Provided, however, any such regulations shall not limit the department of environmental conservation's authority to regulate and control greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to article 75 of the environmental conservation law."