Meet annually to review and modify disadvantaged community criteria.

The CLCPA instructs the DEC to establish a Climate Justice Working Group (“CJWG”) that will consult with the DEC, DOH, DOL, NYSERDA, and the Environmental Justice Advisory Group to establish criteria in order to identify disadvantaged communities for co-pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions reductions, regulatory impact statements, and the allocation of investments. The group will be comprised of representatives from: environmental justice communities, the DEC, the DOH, the NYSERDA, and the DOL.

Statutory Language: 

CLCPA § 75-0111(3): "The group will meet no less than annually to review the criteria and methods used to identify disadvantaged communities and may modify such methods to incorporate new data and scientific findings. The climate justice working group shall review identities of disadvantaged communities and modify such identities as needed."