House Bill Introduced to Create a Bipartisan Commission on Climate Action

Rep. John Delaney (D-MD-6) introduced H.R.2326 – “To accelerate reductions in climate pollution in order to leave a better planet for future generations, and to create a bipartisan commission to develop economically viable policies to achieve science-based emissions reduction targets.”

The bill calls for the establishment of a bipartisan commission that would “undertake a comprehensive review of economically viable public and private actions or policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States” and make recommendations to the President, Congress, and the States  on what measures to enact. The bill also directs the commission to identify goals for emissions reductions “that reflect the latest scientific findings of what is needed to avoid serious human health and environmental consequences of a changing climate.”

It also directs the The Comptroller General to conduct a study of State, Federal, and private sector energy efficiency and renewable energy guaranteed loan programs, Green Banks, and other financial tools and institutions that are focused on reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions or encouraging the research, development, prototyping, and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and to submit a report to Congress outlining its findings.