Establish programs for property owners and communities to receive incentives to host major renewable energy facilities.

Statutory Language: 

AREGCBA § 6  adds new Public Authorities Law Title 9-B  §1902(6): "Establish one  or more programs pursuant to which property owners and communities would receive incentives to host major renewable  energy facilities  developed  for  the  purpose of advancing the state policies embodied in this article.  Such program may include without  limitation, and  notwithstanding  any  other  provision  of  law  to  the  contrary, provisions for the authority to negotiate and enter into agreements with property owners and host communities providing for incentives, including a payment in lieu of taxes, the transfer of the authority's interests in such agreements to developers to whom build-ready sites are transferred, and the provision of information and guidance to stakeholders concerning incentives. The authority shall maintain a record of such programs and incentives, and shall publish such record on the authority's website;"