Establish a program for the transfer of rights and other interests in build ready sites and development rights to developers.

Statutory Language: 

AREGCBA § 6  adds new Public Authorities Law Title 9-B  §1902(5): "Notwithstanding title five-A  of  article  nine  of  this  chapter, establish  a build-ready program, including eligibility and other criteria, pursuant to which the authority would, through  a  competitive  and transparent  bidding  process,  transfer  rights  and other interests in build-ready sites and development rights to developers for  the  purpose of  facilitating  the development of renewable energy facilities on such build-ready sites.   Such transactions  may  include  the  transfer  of rights,  interests  and  obligations existing under agreements providing for host community benefits negotiated  by  the  authority  pursuant  to programs established pursuant to subdivision six of this section on such terms and conditions as the authority deems appropriate."