Establish a prioritized schedule for implementation of the state bulk transmission investment plan.

Section 7(4) of the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act requires the PSC to establish a bulk transmission system program, including setting a prioritized schedule for that program and identifying projects that must be completed quickly in order to meet the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act mandates.

Statutory Language: 

AREGCBA § 7(4): "The  commission  shall, within 60 days of the initial findings and recommendations required by subdivision two of this section, commence  a proceeding  to  establish a bulk transmission system investment program, consistent with the commission's siting authority in  article  7  of  the public  service  law  that identifies bulk transmission investments that the commission determines are necessary or appropriate  to  achieve  the CLCPA  targets  (the  "state  bulk  transmission  investment plan"). The commission shall establish a prioritized schedule for implementation  of the  state  bulk  transmission  investment plan and, in particular shall identify projects which shall be completed  expeditiously  to  meet  the CLCPA  targets.    The  state bulk transmission investment plan shall be submitted by the commission to the state grid operator  for  appropriate incorporation  into  the  state  grid operator's studies and plans.  The commission shall utilize the state grid operator's public policy  transmission  planning  process to select a project necessary for implementation of the state bulk transmission investment plan, and shall  identify such projects no later than eight months following a notice of the state grid  operator's  public  policy  transmission  planning  process cycle, except that for those projects for which the commission determines there is a need to proceed expeditiously to promote the state's public  policy goals,  such projects shall be designated and proceed in accordance with subdivision five of this  section.  The  commission  shall  periodically review  and  update the state bulk transmission investment plan, and its designation of projects in that plan  which  shall  be  completed  expeditiously."