Environmental Justice

Climate change has made clear that diversity increases the power of potential solutions and the resilience to adverse impacts – for ecosystems, social systems, economic systems and their various hybrids and combinations. As part of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Plan, the Sabin Center is committed to developing content and engaging in environmental issues faced by vulnerable communities.

Energy Insecurity Initiative

Michael Gerrard and Emma Shumway are working with the Energy Bar Association, Center on Global Energy Policy, Dr. Diana Hernández of the Mailman School of Public Health, and a team of student volunteers on a research initiative exploring equity in rate design and ratemaking procedures.

As part of this initiative, Michael Gerrard, Dr. Diana Hernández, and Andrea Nishi published a report entitled The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Other Low-Income Relief Programs in the US in November 2023. The report explores both federal and state administration of LIHEAP, common ratepayer-funded affordability programs, and unique energy access and affordability concerns that arise in rural areas and Native American communities.

Cumulative Impacts Model Legislation

Michael Gerrard and Andrea Nishi worked with WE ACT for Environmental Justice to develop model legislation related to environmental justice, cumulative impacts analysis, and permit renewals for polluting facilities. Visit dismantlinginjustice.org to learn more about the project.

Transportation Climate Initiative

Michael Gerrard, Ama Francis and Hillary Aidun worked with WE ACT for Environmental Justice on issues related to the Transportation Climate Initiative. Read the report here


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