Ensure public input and disclosure will be available regarding all community decisions.

Statutory Language: 

EJ Law § 1 adds new ECL §48-0101(4): "It shall further be the policy of the state that opportunities for citizen involvement in the development, implementation and enforcement of laws, regulations and policies that affect the quality of the environment be as reflective of the diversity of interests and perspective found within the affected community as possible, including those of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups; that they be provided as early as possible in the decision making process prior to the selection of a preferred course of action by federal, state, local or tribal agencies; that they provide full, timely and accessible disclosure and sharing of information by the government agency or agencies involved, including the provision of technical data and the assumptions upon which any analyses are based; and that they allow all people, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or income, the opportunity to have their views heard and considered, including opportunities for two-way dialogue."