Engineering Positions in Virginia Beach’s Stormwater Division Eliminated

Date: May 2018

Agency: Local Govt., State, VA

Explanation: Budget Cuts, Personnel Changes

Scientist: Climate

In May 2018, the Virginia Beach city council announced that it would suspend a storm water fee increase, which was intended to pay for additional staff to work on issues relating to sea level rise.

The fee increase was approved by Virginia Beach council in 2017 and was originally intended to continue for five years. However, the council has decided to suspend the increase from mid-2018 to mid-2019, resulting in the loss of approximately $2.3 million in revenue. Media reports indicate that, due to the loss of revenues, nine positions in the city’s storm water division will be eliminated. Six of the positions reportedly involved “water quality work” and another two were for engineers needed to plan for changes in the city’s stormwater system due to rising sea levels.