Develop bulk transmission improvements found by the PSC.

Statutory Language: 

AREGCBA § 7(5): "The legislature finds and determines that timely development of the bulk  transmission investments identified in the state bulk transmission investment plan is in the public interest of the people of the state  of New  York. The  legislature further finds and determines that the power authority of the state of New York ("power authority") owns and operates backbone electric transmission assets in  New  York,  has  rights-of-way that  can  support  in  whole  or  in part bulk transmission investment projects, and has the financial stability, access to capital,  technical expertise  and  experience to effectuate expeditious development of bulk transmission investments  needed  to  help  the  state  meet  the  CLCPA targets,  and  thus  it is appropriate for the power authority as deemed feasible and advisable by its trustees, by itself  or  in  collaboration with  other parties as it determines to be appropriate, to develop those bulk transmission investments found by the commission to be needed expeditiously to achieve CLCPA targets ("priority  transmission  projects"). The  power  authority  shall, through a public process, solicit interest from potential co-participants in each project it has agreed to  develop and  assess  whether any joint development would provide for significant additional benefits in achieving the CLCPA targets. The power  authority may  thereafter determine to undertake the development of the project on its own, or undertake the project jointly with one or more other parties on such terms and conditions as the power authority finds to  be  appropriate  and,  notwithstanding  any other law to the contrary, enter into such agreements and take such other actions the power  authority  determines to be necessary in order to undertake and complete timely development  of the project.  The intent of this act is for the power authority to develop priority transmission projects authorized  in  this  subdivision.   For priority projects that the authority determines to undertake and that are not substantially within  the  power authority's  existing rights  of way, the authority shall, as deemed feasible and advisable by its board of trustees, select  private  sector  participants  through  a competitive bidding process, provided however that priority transmission projects  is  not  intended to include generation lead lines, or repairs to, replacement of or upgrades to the power authority's own transmission assets."