Consult with interested parties on model EJ policy.

Section 1 of the Environmental Justice Law requires the Environmental Justice Advisory Group to develop a model EJ policy, and to consult with certain stakeholders in doing so.

Statutory Language: 

EJ Law § 1 adds new ECL §48-0107(1): "adopt a model environmental justice policy applicable generally to 49 state agencies that engage in activities or operations that may have a significant effect on the environment, including but not limited to through the adoption of rules and regulations, issuance of permits, acquisition or maintenance of property, or approval, funding or undertaking of projects. Such policy shall be adopted not later than one year after the effective date of this article. The advisory group shall develop the model policy in consultation with representatives of minority and low-income communities, regulated parties, the environmental justice interagency coordinating council and other state agencies and the public and shall hold a public hearing thereon in each judicial department. Notice of such hearings and notice of the adoption of the model policy shall be published in the state register."