Consult with EJAG and community representatives.

Statutory Language: 

EJ Law § 1 adds new ECL §48-0111(2): "The environmental justice coordinating council shall include the commissioner; the commissioner of the department of economic development; the commissioner of the department of transportation; the president of the environmental facilities corporation; the president of the New York State energy research and development authority; the chairman of the public service commission; the chairman of the power authority of the State of New York; or their designees; and every staff member chosen by an agency to serve as environmental justice coordinator pursuant to section 48-0109 of this article. The council shall consult with the permanent environmental justice advisory group; representatives of minority and low-income communities, including community-based organizations that advise or assist minority and low-income communities on environmental matters; representatives of businesses that hold state-issued permits or otherwise operate subject to this chapter; representatives of local governments; representatives of local, state, or national organizations promoting environmental conservation; researchers and educators; and any other parties the council deems appropriate."