Coal and Coke Regulations, House Bill 5939

Date: December 3rd, 2014

Topic: Air Pollution, Energy

Type: Legislative Input

Jurisdiction: Illinois

In 2014, the Illinois AG partnered with state representative Barbara Flynn Currie to co-author a state bill (HB 5939) that would amend the Illinois Environmental Protection Act with a new title regulating bulk materials storage facilities that handle petroleum coke and other refinery production materials. The legislative proposal was a response to recurring air pollution violations from petroleum facilities in southeast Chicago.

The proposed legislation provided for minimum setbacks for coal and coke facilities, sets limits for quantities of fugitive dust permitted from facilities, establishes specified requirements for storage of coal and coke products, requires permits for construction and operation of facilities, regulates the loading and unloading, paving, and cleaning of facilities. It also requires monitoring and testing, record keeping, and reporting to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

The bill was not passed during the 2013-2014 legislative session, and the Illinois legislature has not adopted similar legislation since then.

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