Climate Science Misrepresented by New Hampshire Governor

During an interview on public radio on July 7, 2017, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu questioned the scientific consensus on climate change. He appeared to suggest that scientists disagree on the causes of climate change and that further research is needed to determine whether greenhouse gas emissions are to blame.

In response to a listener question asking whether carbon emissions are the leading cause of climate change, Governor Sununu stated:

“I don’t know for sure. And I’ve studied this at MIT. I studied earth and atmospheric sciences with some of the best in the world. And I’ve looked at the data myself . . . I think we should keep looking at it. We have to keep studying it, understand all the impacts, whether they’re to the environment, social, economic, or other factors that might come into play. Is carbon the leading reason why the earth has warmed up pretty much continuously over the last 150 years, I’m not sure. It could be.”

Governor Sununu’s comments have been criticized by environmentalists and others, who note that the vast majority of scientists agree anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause of climate change.