Climate Science Misrepresented by Colorado State Senator

Date: April 18th, 2018

Agency: CO, State

Explanation: Bias and Misrepresentation

Scientist: Climate

On April 18, 2018, the Colorado State Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy debated a bill (Senate Bill 18-226) “probit[ing] the governor from involving Colorado in any state-level climate collaborative.” During the debate, State Senator Vicki Marble questioned the accuracy of climate science. She argued that scientists have previously made predictions that were incorrect, stating “so many things have come out [that] have been proven false.”

Senator Marble also questioned scientific research establishing that climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. She argued that the climate has been changing for millions of years, not just in the age of emissions from automobiles and industry. She then said:

“We’re going to die sometime, and I’m more afraid of sun flares than I am vehicles.”

Senator Marble also suggested that cats cause more health problems than vehicle emissions, saying:

“I suffer from allergies up the ying-yang, but it’s not the emissions that are coming from the cars, because I live by a highway, it’s from my dang cats.”

She continued:

“My cats cause more problems and more asthma for people than anything else. There are so many causes, and I just wanted to throw that in.”

UpdateOn April 25, 2018, the Colorado Senate passed Senate Bill 18-226. The bill was then sent to the Colorado House of Representatives. The House did not vote on the bill.