Climate Change Omitted from Oceans Research Plan

In November 2018, the White House published a new report, titled “Science and Technology for America’s Oceans: A Decadal Vision,” which “identifies research  priorities and areas of opportunity within the ocean S&T [i.e., science and technology] enterprise for the decade 2018-2028.” The report omits a chapter on oceans and climate change which had appeared in an earlier version published in 2013. The report also fails to identify any research priorities with respect to climate change. This is a marked departure from both the 2013 report, and an earlier 2007 version, both of which had included a set of research priorities dealing with “The Ocean’s Role in Climate,” as follows:

“Research Priority 11: Understand ocean-climate interactions within and across regions

Research Priority 12: Understand the impact of climate variability and change on the biogeochemistry of the ocean and implications for its ecosystems

Research Priority 13: Apply understanding of the ocean to help project future climate changes and their impacts”