Anna Yi-Ching Li

Anna Yi-Ching Li is a Taiwanese legal researcher on International Law, Human Rights, and Climate Governance. She started to dedicate herself to the research on climate litigation from the perspective of International Law and Comparative Law in 2019.

Since 2020, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for Public Law, National Chengchi University in Taiwan for a research project on global climate litigation in a comparative approach. In addition, her master's thesis focused on the application of international law (climate change law and human rights law in particular) in European domestic climate litigation cases.

Now she serves as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Law, National Academy of Taiwan; and a Reporter for Oxford Reports on International Law in the modules ‘International Human Rights Law’ and ’International Law in Domestic Courts’. In addition, she is also an invited member of the Climate Litigation Lab, Oxford Sustainable Law Programme.

Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy with a minor in Political Science and Law (NCCU in Taiwan, 2019) and an LLM in International Law & Public Law (NCCU in Taiwan, 2023). She obtained the College Student Research Creativity Award issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) as an undergraduate student and the International Law Research Award issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Taiwan) during the LLM period.