Adopt science-based state sea level rise projections and update these projections every 5 years.

Statutory Language: 

CRRA § 17: “The environmental conservation law is amended by adding  a  new section 3-0319 to read as follows:

§ 3-0319. Sea level rise projections. The department  shall,  no  later  than  January  first, two thousand sixteen, adopt regulations establishing science-based  state  sea  level rise  projections.  In  adopting  such regulations, the department shall consider information including, but  not  limited  to,  reports  of  the Intergovernmental  Panel  on  Climate Change, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Climate Assessment, the Sea Level Rise Task Force report created pursuant to chapter six hundred thirteen of the  laws  of two  thousand  seven, projections prepared by the New York City Panel on Climate Change and any other relevant regional, state and local reports. The department shall update such regulations no less  than  every  five years."