Adopt EJ policy or comply with the model policy.

Statutory Language: 

EJ Law § 1 adds new ECL §48-0109(1): "Each state agency that engages in activities or operations that have a significant effect on the environment, including but not limited to through the adoption of rules and regulations, issuance of permits, acquisition or maintenance of property, or approval, funding or undertaking of projects, shall be guided in its decision making on such activities or operations by an environmental justice policy. Each such agency shall adopt rules and regulations setting forth its environmental justice policy not later than two years after the adoption of a model environmental justice policy pursuant to section 48-0107 of this article. The agency thereafter shall comply in all respects with the environmental justice policy set forth in its rules and regulations; provided, however, that in the absence of such rules and regulations, the agency shall comply in all respects with the model environmental justice policy."